Badminton Terminologies

Badminton is an interesting game played all over the world by the people of all ages, for years it has been seen as a comfortable game to pass time with. But since a few years people are taking badminton seriously and are starting to learn the sport professionally. And learning the game professionally means learning all the terminologies related to the game. If you are a beginner who has just started learning badminton the you can learn all these terminologies to improve your game and to impress your coach. The terms related to badminton are given as follows in alphabetical order. 

Alley - It is the
appendix of the court by 1.5 feet on both sides of the court. Generally used
for doubles play

Back Alley - Space betwixt
the back limits line and the long service line. Generally used for doubles play
Backcourt - last third of
the badminton court, in the space of the back limits lines.
Balk- it is seen as an deceptive action when a player deliberately does some actions that disconcerts the opponent while serving. Also called feint
Baseline - boundary line at the back at each end of the court, it is parallel to the net.
Carry - It is an illegal action which is also called a sling or throw, here the shuttle is caught and held on the racquet and then slung during the performance of a stroke
Center or Base Position – area in the center of the court to which the player have to return after each shot.
Center Line -A line which is perpendicular to the net and separates the left and right service courts.
Clear - A shot which is hit deep to the opponent’s back boundary line. The high clear is used by defensive players, while the flatter attacking clear is used by offensive players.
Court - Area where the game is played, which is defined by the outer boundary lines.
Drive – It is a fast and a low shot that flies horizontally over the net.
Drop – it is a shot that is hit with precision to fall rapidly and near to the net on the opponent’s side.
Fault – It is violation of the playing rules, It can be done either in serving, receiving, or during play.
Flick – It is a speedy wrist and forearm rotation that amazes the opponent by changing a soft shot into a shot that is speedy passing one; it is basically used on the serve and at the net.
Forecourt - starting third of the court, betwixt the net and the short service line.
Hairpin Net Shot - It is a Shot made from under and very near to the net with the shuttlecock rising, clearing the net, and then dropping precisely down on the opponent’s side. The shuttlecock’s flight makes the shape of a hairpin.
Kill – It is a speedy and downward shot that cannot be shot back. A true suspension of the game to allow a rally to be replayed.
Net Shot – A shot that is hit from the forecourt that clears the net and drops precisely
Push Shot - A mild shot which is played by launching the shuttle with limited wrist motion, normally from net or midcourt to the opponent’s midcourt
Serve or Service - shot used to send shuttlecock into the game at the start of a rally.
Service Court – The area into the serve should be delivered. It is generally, Different for singles and doubles play.
Short Service Line - A line which is 6 l/2 feet from the net to which a serve must reach for it to be legal
Smash – strongly hit shot that forces the shuttle powerfully downward. It is Badminton’s prime attacking stroke.
Wood Shot – A shot which results when the base of the shuttlecock touches the frame of the racquet.

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